We have moved to the Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of 5th and Tabor. Come in the main entrance off the parking lot and turn left at the bottom of the stairs.


Current News

-New website currently on hold due to technical considerations, thank-you for your patience.


-BMSNBC AGM will be held on Wednesday April 30, 2014 (8:15 p.m.) at the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and learn more about our group.




The Buddhist Meditation Society of Northern BC welcomes anyone interested in meditation to join us.

Known informally as the Open Door Sangha, our purpose is to open the door to Buddhist practice by providing a suitable space for regular formal practice, and by bringing people in touch with qualified teachers.

Buddhist practices are unfamiliar to most westerners. Even the simple act of sitting still can be very difficult initially, but those who stick with it find that deep benefits appear as practice matures.

We meet at the Greek Orthodox Church, 511 S Tabor Blvd.,  Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

If you are interested in practicing with us please call or email one of our contact people. New participants should arrange for preliminary instruction prior to their first evening practice session.


The Vipassana group meets regularly on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7pm.

There is usually one Vipassana retreat each year. These retreats are led by teachers qualified through the Insight Meditation Society.


The Zen group meets regularly on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 8pm. This group practices in the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition and is affiliated with the Zen Center of Vancouver.

Zen in Mackenzie

A small Zen sitting group meets in a private home in Mackenzie, BC on Saturday mornings and some evenings. Beginners welcome. Call Janice at 250-997-6912. This group is not currently affiliated with the Buddhist Meditation Society of Northern BC.